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Become an opinion leader with Project V!
Are you interested in proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle? Would you like to communicate and make friends with unique people? Have a stable income and financial freedom? Do your dreams involve traveling and luxury parties?

You can become an opinion leader at Project V and get invited to event openings and closings, as well as get generous bonuses and gifts for company loyalty and for actively supporting its philosophy.
What we offer
Cashback and
gifts for your
Order through the Sessia app with the maximum discount and get cashback from every purchase. Buy more, participate in offers and promotions, and we shall be happy to give you our products for free.
Bonuses from purchases
of friends and even
friends' friends
Bring friends and earn money from their purchases. And if they, in turn, bring new members to your community, you will receive bonuses from their orders.
Income from
the turnover of
your community
The more people in your community, the higher the amount of bonuses that you will receive for its development. Keep your team active and bring it to the next level!
Project V lifestyle: your new standard of living
Turkey 2020 F3 Beach Tour - Turkey 2020
Turkey 2021 All-Star Weekend
Bring friends and earn money from their purchases. And if they, in turn, bring new members to your community, you will receive bonuses from their orders.
Our partners and their stories
Dmitry Safronov
Project V business partner
I've been in the direct selling industry since 1993. During this time, I have managed to create one of the most effective leadership and international team building systems. Today my teams are actively developing in 17 countries of the world. Nine of our partners have entered the million dollar club.

Over the years of working shoulder-to-shoulder with the Company, I took part in the launch of its business and the opening of its representative offices in 8 countries.

For my successful and fruitful work, I have repeatedly received the highest awards of the Company. I am a holder of the Diamond Excellence Medal. For my personal contribution to the development of the Company, I was awarded the Galaxy Prize.

I am grateful to the Сompany for giving me the opportunity to realize my most ambitious plans and dreams, for helping me achieve the respect of many people, I made friends in different parts of the world and now live a rich and vibrant life.
Philipp Yakovlev
Project V business partner
I had a tough childhood and my family did not have enough money. I started earning money while in high school: sold newspapers, exchanged my own drawings for toys.

When I was in my last year of school, my father started to develop business in Vision (Project V since 2018). I went to the faculty of physics of Moscow State University, and then - to work in science. After that I went on to start my own business and opened photo studios in several cities.

Gradually, I came to realization how simple and balanced the business with Project V was. Here you have a unique combination of work and leisure, financial recognition and that for your achievements, support and interest in partners' good results, opportunities for development in any country.

Eventually I switched to Project V full-time. After my parents passed away, I continued their business.

Now I got partners who live from Kamchatka to Los Angeles. These people are what I value the most in life! And I can proudly say that business with Project V is a business going through generations.
Malokhat Salimova
Project V business partner
I am Malokhat Salimova! PhD in Chemistry Later, for health reasons, I got retrained as a sales worker! I came across the Сompany's business when when buying products for my grandson! He had a blood disease. The result that we witnessed revolutionized my understanding of the human body!

While making big money, we ignore changes happening in our body, draining it with lack of sleep, stress. I was no exception! At that time, I had a whole bunch of diseases! We opened the doors into our family for this magic product as the most essential tool for longevity and health!

My strong urge to travel returned when my health got restored! Having carefully studied the marketing plan, I realized that I needed to change, learn and teach. And take action! My success story began when I made a decision for MYSELF! This is how I created a team of leaders! I taught them everything I learned in life and in the Сompany!

Now I have four VIP 4 stars, five VIP 3 stars, more than 15 two-stars and a lot of VIP 1 stars on my team! But I know everyone in person! This is my success, we have forged a team that тakes the lead.
Facts that make us proud
F3 Beach Tour br Turkey 2020
Grown by the Company in 25 years of its existence.
25 different countries and cities of the world
Become the destinations of our annual Grand Journeys.
1200 people in one Voyage
Arrived in Tunisia in 2008 on 7 airlplanes. We accomodated them in 5 hotels.
Announced as the location for the Grand Journey in 2022.
Our products in space
On October 23, 2001, Soyuz TM 33 crew brought them on board the ISS to be included in the astronauts' diet.
$250 000
was the largest monthly bonus ever paid by the Сompany to its partner
Innovative production
Our products are made in France at a production facility whiеch is in the top 10 of European pharmaceutical industry.
European quality
All Project V products are certified and comply with the strictest standards.
Exclusive formulas
Designed in the leading European laboratories based on cutting edge scientific research.
High level of security
Our products are free of stearates, paraffin oil and preservatives, have high bioavailability, 90% of them are vegan-friendly.
$770 million
was the total amount of bonuses paid by the Company in its first 20 years of operation.
300 000 partners
today there are Project V partners around the world
How to become Project V partner?
Download the Sessia app from the AppStore or Google Play. Install it. When registering, indicate the ID of the person who invited you to our project. Welcome to Project V!
How to place an order?
Open Sessia and go to the Project V store. Select a product, add it to your shopping cart, enter a shipping address or the closest pickup point. Pay for your order. And we shall deliver it as soon as possible at a time convenient for you.
Where can I find out more about the products and the Company?
We host free webinars, live meetings and workshops with Project V's leading opinion leaders, nutrition experts, and Company managers. You will receive the most detailed information about our products from the people who created them and get to work with them every day. You will learn about the benefits of the Project V business model and the privileges we give our partners. You will learn to properly convey information about products, attract new people to your community and develop it. We also publish books, catalogs, prepare presentations and other visual materials to help you better navigate the world of Project V.
What benefits does a Project V partner receive?
You get a 20% discount and cashback from your purchases starting from the first order. After a certain amount of personal purchases per month, your gift account will be replenished, the funds from which can be used to purchase products. You will also receive cashback from purchases of your invited friends and those people whom they invited. The larger your team gets, the higher your income becomes: you will receive various bonuses from the turnover of your community and additional rewards for active newcomers. By increasing the turnover and stimulating the activity of partners, you will move up the career ladder of Project V, participate in our travels, forums and parties. And receive recognition from colleagues and Company management.
How to start building your own business?
Start from groceries shopping. Complete your personal volume each month, which unlocks access to the Project V career plan and community development bonuses. Attract new partners, participate in company offers and promotions, motivate your partners to participate along with you. Project V has opinion leaders with a community of 20,000 people from all over the world. And their incomes exceed the salaries of top managers of large enterprises. Exciting prospects, don't you agree?
What are your investments and risks?
We maintain open, transparent relationships with our partners and give them the opportunity to build their own business with Project V, starting from a minimum amount not exceeding $100. Of course, with such investments, the growth of your community can be significantly delayed. That being said, each partner has the right to independently determine the size of their participation in the project, relying on personal ambitions, skills, experience and financial capabilities. Even having invested a fairly large amount of funds and subsequently leaving our business (did not work out - it happens in life), you risk nothing and do not lose anything - our useful products will remain with you in any case and will improve your health and that of your loved ones.